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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I May Have Ruined World Market For Chris.

I may have ruined World Market for Chris.  I say this because on the way home from the World Market he said to me, "You may have just ruined World Market for me."

I hate it when that happens. 

Ok, maybe not really, but I felt like I should say that.

This is what today held for us....
1.  Chris taught summer school.
2.  Q went to Mrs. Spry's.  He was missing his friends.  And I was missing my sanity.
3.  The girls and I cleaned house and did some laundry. 
4.  I drank multiple cups of coffee.
5.  Chris came home.
6.  We ate lunch.
7.  Went to the bank and post office.
8.  We decided to go back to the furniture store to look without Quinn and his bad attitude.
9.  I also wanted to stop by Pier 1.
10.  Chris wanted to go to World Market.

And so, off we went.

I wanted to buy a new chair (one that I had previously picked out at Pier 1 and saved my pennies for) for my craft table.  You know, because I'm still using my chair from 8th grade.  Not when I taught 8th grade but from when I was in 8th grade.  Big difference.  Its almost (gasp!) 20 years old.  Omg, I can't think about that!

But they didn't have either of the chairs that I wanted.  (insert sad face)

So, I sucked it up and went to World Market to make Chris happy.  He wanted to look at the beer and wine.  And can you blame him?  I have taken him to many, many stores in the past three days.  At least he wasn't wanting to drink the alcohol in the middle of the Tuesday afternoon....just look at it.

Anyway, we went.  I ooohhhed and aaaahhhed and imagined all sorts of fun things coming into our house. 

And then I found this beauty.....

Its their logan geometric gold chair.  We bought two of them.  They were on SUPER sale!!!  And look, even Ike approves (he's wearing his collar and a purposes).
I was still down in the dumps about Pier 1 not having my chair.  So then I thought maybe I should just get a kitchen table chair with a fun cushion (on super sale!).  And I came very close to making that decision.  It was the cheap in me making that decision though and I am trying to work on that.  Sometimes you need to make a decision based on things other than, "It was cheap."  And I was really, really in love with this chair.  It was the last one (and $100 off) but it wouldn't match my orange and gray craft room.  So as we sat there, my magnificent husband said, "If I paint the room would you get that chair?"

Oh, how I love that man.

So he's painting the room to match my new chair.  I think you'll agree though, it will be worth it.


sharonp said...

That boy will do anything to paint. Tell him my stairwell needs painting! Beautiful chairs btw.

Crystal Farish said...

LOVE the chair! Love Chris. How many guys would paint a room AND let you buy a cool chair. He gets macho points from me. :)

KBBean said...

Oh my gosh--I want that chair! It's gorgeous! And I can't wait to see the matching paing job--it's going to look amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am totally diggin' that chair!