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Sunday, May 29, 2011


We spent the day like this...
1.  church
2.  I made scrambled eggs for lunch while Chris helped with inventory at church.
3.  Chris came home.
4.  folded some laundry, loaded the dishwasher
5.  looked at furniture at American Signature Furniture
6.  Quinn had to leave the store due to a serious behavior problem.  Chris, by default, had to go with him.
7.  We tried Mall of Georgia.  Quinn said no thank you. 
8.  Publix on the way home.  There is a reason why we make a menu and a grocery list.  We are normally very deliberate in our grocery shopping.  And we weren't tonight.  Which is why I am now bringing a white chocolate pudding pie with sliced strawberries, a watergate salad and a banana cream pie to my mother's tomorrow.  I found that I couldn't leave the backing aisle until I narrowed my selection down to 3 items as opposed to the 15 that I originally wanted to make.

I will be topping this with cool whip in just a little while.  And trying a slice before bringing it to my mom's tomorrow.