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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forgetful, Much?

Sheesh.  This week has been mania in its purest form.  Seriously.  It is our (mine, Chris's and the girls') last week of school (with week is post planning) and I feel like we are all a little crazed and also a little swamped.

I have also done something *slightly* ridiculous at work.  In my defense, I would like to say that I did the same thing last year and it really was not a problem.  Really.  Here it is...we are having a book fair this last week of school.  Yep, book fair.  Last week of school.  Again, last year, not so bad.  This year, um, yeah, check please?

Big sigh.

Here are some examples of how this week is effecting my brain...

1.  Last night I went upstairs with Q at 8pm to read stories and tuck him in.  I fell asleep.  In his bed.  I woke up a little after 9pm and figured I might as well just put my jammies on, crawl in my own bed and call it a night.

2.  I woke up this morning, took the dog out, fed the dog, checked email, did some packaging, began getting ready...While in the shower I started rinsing my hair and thought to myself, "Did I wash my hair?"  I am sure that I answered myself, but for the life of me cannot remember the answer nor do I remember if there were any suds.  At this point (by looking at my hair) I am pretty sure that I did not wash it. 

3.  While driving to work, contemplating the whole hair washing thing, I tried to retrace my steps of everything I did do this morning.  I for sure did NOT put on deodorant.  Awesome.

I hoping to stay awake a little later tonight.  And wash my hair in the morning.  And remember deodorant.


sharonp said...

I'm right there with you on that. I could tell you what ridiculous thing I did but then I'd have to kill you.

Emily said...

I recently shaved one leg and not the other. Yeah, just the one leg. I forgot to shave the other apparently. I realize it when I crossed my legs and noticed one was pricklier than the other. Sigh.

molly said...

I have totally done the conditioner before the shampoo thinking I had already shampooed. One morning I woke up in my guest room bed. As you can imagine... no comment.