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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Deal.

Hop on over to Very Jane Deals won't regret it!

Or at least, I don't think you will.  Why would you?  That would be silly.

Speaking of silly...let me tell you this little story about the very silly Q.

He was sitting on the back of the chair that I was sitting in yesterday in the living room.  He slid forward so that he was then wedged between my back and the back of the chair.  And then he said to me...

Mama, Humpy Ducky can't gee up.

True story.  I kid you not.  And now I will forever call that boy, Humpy Ducky.  :)


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Abigail said...

I was very excited to purchase my very first Very Jane deal! Can't wait for my cute earrings to arrive :)