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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Saturday and a Sweet Card

Today was pretty fantastic.  It went like this...

7:30am - Ike needed to go out.
7:42am - came back in from taking Ike out, fed Ike, went to the bathroom
7:46am - checked email, read a couple of blogs, looked at the news and weather
8:00am - kids woke up
8:10am - kids eat, I started laundry
8:30am - I annoyingly woke Chris up.  He did not appreciate it.  But he did make a pot of coffee.  Yay!
Then I puttered around for a bit.  Does that happen to you?  I blame it on the children.  And the fact that I think I have A.D.D.  Just sayin.
9:10am - took shower, got ready for the day
10:00am - My friend Erin arrived so that we could go to the Bead Show!  Yay!  Super Yay!  Hip hip hooray yay!
10:05am - Q charmed his way into Erin's heart.
10:45am - arrived at bead show

It was FANtastic.  I had been budgeting and saving for this since the last one we went to together.  And now that I am home it is all I can do to talk myself into going to church tomorrow and not going back to the bead show.  All. I. Can. Do.  This is a portion of what I came home with today.  And I've already started wrapping some things.
I am really excited about these new beads.  Trust me, the picture doesn't EVEN begin to do them justice.  I have the stupid desire to stay up all night working, but I know how foolish that would be.  Tomorrow would be a bad, bad, very bad day for me if I did that.  But I want to.  Big sigh. 

I've had this sitting on the table in my craft room and I've looked at it everyday this week. 

I swear, this child needs a job writing for Hallmark.  It's a pretty great card, isn't it?  :)


sharonp said...

so sweet. Dr. Bob and I DO hope to see you at church tomorrow!

Emily said...

Awesome card! And I annoyingly woke my husband up this morning too. I know he was happy about it. :) Can't wait to see new stuff!

Zakary said...

I wanna go to the bead show and I don't even know what to do with beads!