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Monday, September 27, 2010

Conversations Overheard in the Bathroom

While I was giving the dog a bath tonight, this is what I overheard coming from the little toilet room.

Chandler:  Quinn!  Quinn!  No!
Quinn:  Yay!
Chandler:  Quinn, leave the periods alone!
Quinn: *clapping hands*
Chandler:  No!  Don't put the periods in the toilet!  No!
Quinn:  Yay!
Me:  What's going on in there?
Chandler:  He opened up one of your periods and threw it in the toilet!  He's trying to flush your periods!
Me:  You mean a tampon?
Chandler:  Yes!  He's trying to flush a tancon!
Me:  Quinn!  Come out here with Mama.

Quinn and Chandler both help me finish washing the dog.  Quinn helps by throwing all of his toy boats back in the tub with the terrified dog.  Chandler helps by singing him a song. 

1 comment:

Emily said...

omg. I am in hysterics just picturing this!