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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


How sweet are these three?  Quinn adores his big sisters (as he should) and they adore him (which is somewhat shocking to me).  The girls are so loving and patient and kind to him.  They play with him.  They help him.  They even let him sleep with them.  I love how my children love each other.


Emily said...

Aww. I love how Quinn's butt isn't touching the floor because he's resting on his sisters' legs. When Janie is crying about something, Jonah sings the "It's Ok Song." He just sings "It's ok" over and over again. It's sweet.

Mark Fennell said...

yeah, Jonah's not the kind of kid I would let hold a crystal vase or fine china, but, when it comes to his sister, he is as smitten and doting as anyone could ever possibly be. Linus is pretty much the same way, but I think Linus has the maturity to also be impressed with the mechanics of a small human.
Opposite sex siblings are definitely different than same sex sibs.