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Monday, September 6, 2010

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Good grief, Charlie Brown! My weekend....where did it go?

Since Saturday afternoon it has all been a blur. We went to Nick and Liz's Saturday night. I am in love with their cute little house with their purple bedroom and yellow kitchen. I would like to move in with them. I'm not really sure how they would feel about that, but that is how much I love their house. Their IKEA kitchen kind of makes me want to learn how to cook, too. I said "kinda", which might also mean "not really" but its a nice thought, isn't it?

Sunday morning we left to head out to Mom's. Ike went with us. He and Duke (my mother's black lab mix that currently weighs 102 lbs) are now BFFs. Seriously. Ike was super excited to be in a yard with no leash on and wants to know when he can go back there. I think he has actually been a little on the depressed side today because of it.

We had a poolside lunch - burgers, hot dogs, my mother's salad with homemade balsamic dressing (it makes my heart sing), and her outstanding warm potato salad with avocado. There was some afternoon swimming...not by me though...I couldn't find my suit Sunday morning and then Chris informed me that it was in one of the storage bins in the back of the van. Which is when it had been since the last time I wore it...4th of July weekend. Yikes!

By the end of the afternoon, Q was in one heckuva mood. He had no nap on Saturday, did not sleep through the night Saturday night and no nap on Sunday. Can we say, over tired? And cranky?

He fell asleep approx 3 minutes into our 2 hour ride home. And slept through the night. And didn't wake up until after 8am. Hallelujah!

Today has been, really, just a hodge podge of things - grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, piano practice, homework, etc.

I must admit, I am looking forward to a 4 day work week. Although we are going to be slammed - Tuesday night, Chris is tutoring, Wednesday - the girls have Christmas pageant rehearsal at church, Thursday - dance and piano, Friday....oh, how I will be dreaming of you.

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