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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Timeline of Friday

6:45am - left home to go to work
7:15am - arrived at work
8:07am - I feel as though the day began without me. Like I was left at the starting line with my engine sputtering. I continued to feel this way until 2:45.
2:45pm - left work to go home
3:20pm - arrived home
3:22pm - took Ike out
3:24pm - fed Ike
3:30pm - took Ike out again
3:35pm - loaded Ike up for a trip to the vet's office
3:55pm - SURPRISE! Ike has worms! How *awesome* is that??? Ugh.
4:12pm - arrive back at home
4:18pm - Chris puts the chicken pot pie that he made Thursday night in the oven (we use the PW recipe that's in her book...YUM!)
5:00pm - leave the house to take the girls to Elizabeth's slumber party and for the rest of us to bring the chicken pot pie over to Dr. Ayers' house for dinner.
5:06pm - we had this conversation in the van
Chandler: Oh, no! I forgot the card that I made for Elizabeth!!!!
Me: Did you bring the card and giftcard that we bought at the store?
Chandler: What card?
Me: The one that Dad just took you to buy on the way home.
Chan: I don't even know what happened to that.
Chris: What do you mean? You carried it in the house.
Chan: Well, um, I don't know.
Me: Do you have it with you or not?
Chan: Um, no?
Chris and Angie: UGH!
5:09pm - continue on our way without turning around...already feeling a little bit late
5:30pm: drop girls' off
5:35pm: stop to get gas.
5:50pm - arrive at Dr. Ayers' house...have a most enjoyable evening...Quinn could have been better...but he also could have been worse. Chicken pot pie? Outstanding. As usual. My husband is the best cook in the world.
8:00pm - have Q changed into jammies, head home
8:06pm - realize that it is going to take forever and a day to get home. Saturday is a home game for UGA and the parties have started.
9:04pm - arrive home. Carry Q to bed. Spend the next 3 hours trying to tire Ike and putzing around doing stupid watching the Kung Fu Hillbilly on youtube (thanks for that, Kathy!)
12:04pm - go to bed

As a side note...Quinn slept until almost 8am. I think the girls have been waking him up at the crack of dawn.

Also, I have determined that the reason I ever have any pictures to share anymore is because I never take them. Because now I am back at work. And a side effect of that more pictures.

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