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Saturday, September 4, 2010

For Joy

Joy asked me to post pictures of our that's what I am doing. I have never taken pictures of food at a restaurant before, so I felt a little funny at first. Until I noticed that the table behind us was filming their lunch. Seriously. With a camcorder. And then I felt perfectly normal snapping some regular, old pictures. This is what we had....avocado egg rolls (they are my fav, you seriously can't go wrong with them), fried artichoke hearts, warm crab and artichoke dip (that had the most delicious sourdough bread to go with it), sweet corn fritters, sausage and ricotta pizette, and Chris's favorite...ahi tartare.

sweet corn fritters

ahi tartare

avocado egg rolls

Chris...thinking this is the best meal ever.

Following lunch we had another slice of at The Container Store. And now, I am getting ready to make some peach cups (currently my favorite dessert) and head over to Nick and Liz's house.

ps - Did you see that Georgia game? What a great way to start the season!


sharonp said...

What Chris is really thinking is 'I'm not sure I can eat without a child asking me to cut their food or screaming to get down.'

Unknown said...

oh yesssss. Thank you for this. :)