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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day of Service

Clearly, I am never going to post another picture of my children. Ever. It certainly feels that way, doesn't it? :)

Chris and I both decided to take a personal day to volunteer at Our Daily Bread. It is something that we have wanted to do for quite some time and haven't been able to make it happen. But today was the day! We arrived at 9:30 this morning along with several other members of our church and began food preparation. I sliced bananas for fruit salad for over an hour. Chris was in charge of the strawberries. Neil, Madeline, Jim, Gail and JoBeth prepared the chicken and rice casserole and green beans. It was an amazing team effort. With the casseroles in the oven and everything else good to go, we ventured over to Mama's Boy for a cup of coffee before the time to serve the lunch crowd. I am constantly amazed (and I'm not really sure why I am) at the kindness and generosity of the members of our church. I am so very glad to be a part of this group.

We served a delicious, made from scratch, meal to 100 people in an hour. The guests of Our Daily Bread were so polite and grateful, and took the time to thank us on their way out.

(This was a very difference experience than the one that I had in high school when I went with a youth group to volunteer at a soup kitchen in Athens and a homeless man threatened to bite me if I did not make sure to give him plenty of meat in his serving. And he wasn't joking. )

I know that due to our work commitments and our children commitments that we won't be able to volunteer as often as we would like, but I am definitely planning on going back.

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