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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things Heard in the Library

Kindergarten Student: Mrs. Pendley?
Me: Yes, dear? Do you need help?
Student: *nods head*
Me: Well, what kind of book are you looking for?
Student: Um...I want to read that book, "I Like to Move It, Move It."

Me: What can I help you find, kiddo?
3rd Grade Student: Do you have any nonfiction books?
Me: Oh, yes! What kind of nonfiction are you looking for?
Student: The interesting kind.

I really do love working with kids. I especially love when I leave the media center and I hear throughout the hallway, "There's the library lady! It's Mrs. Pendley!"

I kind of feel famous then.


Emily said...

Does my kindergartener go to your school? I could totally hear him saying that. :)

Crystal Farish said...

Library is famous. I loved mine when I was in elementary.

Unknown said...

Awww! So funny! My mom was an Elementary School Librarian. She loved it. I always loved the library. It was my backup career choice if the art thing didn't work out. Lots of days I kind of wish I chose the Library route... :)