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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Plan For the Day

  • Chris took Quinn to meet up with our friend Melinda and her son James to play at a baby gym.  I am quite interested to hear how this goes.  Quinn is little on the rowdy side.  Just sayin.
  • I am taking the girls into Athens this morning to visit with Frankie.  Chan came downstairs last night and asked if she could call her.  Just because.  So she did.  And they talked.  We might take some time to look for new church shoes.  Mainly because I am horrible mother and when I measured their feet a few weeks ago, realized that they have been shoving their feet into shoes that are almost 2 sizes too small.  Kind of like Cinderella's step sisters.  This happens to me every summer though, so I should be better prepared for it.  They wear flippies all summer and their feet grow and I don't really even notice it.
  • I am trying to do just a smidge of cleaning before we surprise Chris when he gets home.  You know, to maybe tip the scales to 70/30 for the week.  I am quite proud that I got up, fixed some coffee and loaded the dishwasher.  I call that a success.
  • Hopefully later tonight I will have some new creations to share with you.  I am SUPER excited about some new beads that arrived this week!  But, I am trying to pace myself.  Its not summer, you know...when I could stay up until 2am working.  
  • Ok, I am leaving you fold some clothes, get another load in the washer and vacuum the living room.  Hip Hip Hooray!  It's Saturday!

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Hi Angie,
I love your Blog, and have made a slide show of it.
If you want to see it, I will put it on YouTube.
Of course you at first you need to say YES to it.
Do you have a YouTube account. If you have I first can sent it private only for your account.
Warmest Greetings Avci.