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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Night I Went to Bed Early

Last night I went to bed early. I was exhausted. I felt like the week had already been a whirlwind...Monday was our day at Our Daily Bread and then I went out for dinner with my dear friends, Anna and Donna, and then Tuesday was a 12 hour day at work...a regular workday, faculty meeting until 4 and then a PTO meeting. So last night, I was pooped. Seriously.

Especially after what happened to me last night. It may sound familiar. It has happened to me before. Chris was gone. Dinner was on the stove and almost ready when Q came running to me telling me that he had to go potty. So I ran with him to the bathroom, yanked down his pull up and discovered a nasty, poopy bottom. And I had no wipes. And he had to go potty. And then the timer started going off that dinner was ready. And Ike was trying to get in the bathroom.

So, I sat Q on the toilet, told him not to move an inch and ran for the kitchen. Ike chased me. I turned the stove off. Dumped the pasta into a culendar, shook it around, dumped it back in the pot, mixed in some sauce and ran back to the bathroom.

The boy was standing up against the wall. The toilet seat was covered in poop. Like he had rubbed his bottom all over every possible square inch of the seat. The bottom of his shirt also had a ring of poop on it. Awesome.

So I scrubbed the bathroom and the boy (and then my hands) and ate lukewarm pasta for dinner.

Needless to say, by 9pm I was exhausted. Like, going to fall over and pass out, kind of tired. So I went to bed. And Ike came with me and was insistent that his bone should also go to bed with us. It took half an hour for Ike to believe me that he was not allowed to have a bone in bed. Finally, I fell asleep.

Then Ike woke me up around midnight. I stumbled out of the bed and somehow managed to make it outside with the dog. We went back to sleep. He woke me up again at 3am. I took him back out and then put him in his crate downstairs. It was for his own safety. If he woke me up again before the alarm I was likely to kill him. Just sayin.

I have now learned my lesson. No early bedtime for me. Its just a tease. And I was more tired this morning than I was when I went to bed early last night.

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Crystal Farish said...

Oooooh I feel your pain. Eden did that to me in a bathroom at the mall when I let him go into a stall by himself. I had to take off all his cloths and wipe him down the best I could with a paper towel. He got away from me and ran through the Food Court (which was right next to the bathrooms.) It was not pretty. Not pretty at all. I felt like white trash.

Hope you catch up on your ZZZ's this weekend. :)