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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Timeline of my Evening

I just had one of the most hilarious conversations (ever) with my mother. I was crying and gasping for breath and now, when I try to recreate it, it just doesn't seem as funny. But I must say, I haven't laughed like that in a really long time. Anywho...

Here is a quick run down of my day...
6:45am - left the house to go to work
3:30pm - left work to go home
4:05pm - got home, let the dog out, played with the dog, waited for the family to come home
4:15pm - Chris and kids arrived home
4:16pm - sent girls upstairs to put away school stuff, brush hair, grab a book to take with us to get the oil changed in the car
4:18pm - Chandler comes downstairs - no book, hair not brushed, and no shoes on
4:19pm - Casey comes downstairs...she has lost her book
4:20pm - Chandler is still upstairs, Casey is looking for a book, Chris and I are picking a book off the shelf for her
4:20 to 4:25pm - mass confusion.
4:25pm - Casey, Chandler and I leave the house to head into town to the Honda dealership
5:01pm - arrive for oil change
5:08pm - The girls and I have picked out 12 new vehicles that we would like to have. Especially a van with a GPS. It is super rad.
5:25pm - Oil change complete. Head over to Moe's to pick something up for dinner
5:35pm - order a Homewrecker (which is always just silly to me..."Yes, I'd like a homewrecker, please.") and 2 Moo Moo Mr. Cows.
5:43pm - Girls eating dinner in the car on the way to rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant at church. (When we officially told the girls that they were going to be in the pageant at church, Chandler responded with, "Yes! Oh, thank you, thank you Mama for letting us be in the beauty pageant! Well...this is going to be a surprise, now isn't it??)
6:00pm - We walk into church and my mother-in-law greets me with, "There's the Mother of Year!" And sarcastic or not, I'll take it. It felt nice for someone to recognize my true, award winning, motherdom. My children certainly don't.
7:00pm - head home
7:35pm - walk in the house, Quinn greets us enthusiastically and Ike nips at my leggings. Chris does not have a smile on his face...

This is because when he took Quinn upstairs for a bath tonight he forgot to check if Q had poops in his diaper. Which he did. And Chris took off the diaper, with Ike by his side, and as he was fumbling around trying to find something to wipe Q's bottom with and Ike got ahold of said diaper and proceeded to eat the poop out of said diaper. And then he vomited the poop back up. So all Chris had to say was "This was a sh*tty night."


Abby said...

I love the way your stories induce laughter with tears.:)

sharonp said...

No sarcasm whatsoever.

Emily said...

Ew. Poop puke. And that is why we have cats. They don't eat poop.

Allyson said...

You need turtles...they eat poop and don't seem to mind! (This post needed a warning. I almost lost it there at the end.)