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Saturday, September 11, 2010


{Bewitched Night Earrings $12}

{Halloween Bash Earrings $5}

{Halloween Bash Earrings $5}

{Bewitched Night Necklace $28}

{All Hallows Eve Necklace $28}

Honestly, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I was terrified of it as a child. I stopped going trick-or-treating the year that it was uncool for your mom to go with and hold your hand...that was grade. So, its kind of hard for me to get in the spirit.

The year that Quinn was a baby I opted to go out with the girls so that I wouldn't be by myself to answer the door. Sometimes those costumes are really scary!

But, I think these pieces would be great for your Halloween festivities AND they would still look terrific at other times of the year too! They'll be up in the shop later tonight!


Emily said...

Oh my goodness. Halloween is my most favorite holiday. I hadn't even thought of Halloween jewelry. I think I'm in love.

Crystal Farish said...

Pretty cute stuff friend!