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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes, please.

I fell in love with this skirt at Anthropologie this weekend. Chris asked if I wanted it and I told him...

No. That's ok. It would be frivolous to buy it and the only frivol we need be doing is our big lunch out.

(I made up the word frivol - its a noun. I later used the word frivoling - a verb. Clever, isn't it?)

I told him no. Can you believe that? And then I patted myself on the back. Such wonderful self restraint I have. I am amazing. Go, Angie. Go, Angie. (you can sing it with me, if you'd like)

Only now...I wish I had that skirt. I would have worn it Saturday night to Nick and Liz's. And Sunday to my mother's house. And Monday to the grocery store. And today to work. I don't think that I can live without it.

I have the shakes right now because I haven't just gone ahead and bought the skirt.

Honey? If you're reading this, I would (please, please, pretty please) like to have this skirt. Size 4 please. And thank you.


Emily said...

Ooh! And it has pockets too!

Unknown said...

Frivol. That's fantastic!