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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Boy and His Stick

 This morning we took the boy and the dog to Sandy Creek (the girls are at the State Fair this weekend with my parents).  We rented a dog run (lots of fun!  and super cheap!) for an hour and let them both run wild and free.  Quinn was extra excited about all of the sticks.  We don't have sticks in our yard and he's not allowed to touch them at school, so you can see why this would be extra exciting.
 He loved walking around with sticks.
 Ike loved walking (and sprinting) around without a leash on.
 Quinn also spent some time kicking around a ball....
 and trying to climb the fence.  He was actually quite good at it, which is slightly disturbing.
And now both boys are spending the afternoon resting.  We wore their hineys out.

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Emily said...

Ike has gotten so big!