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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We are big on responsibility in our house.  The girls need to be responsible for their belongings, their contributions to our household and their performance in school.  Every night, they are required by their teachers to get their reading log and their agenda signed by a parent.  Every night, they are required by us, their parents, to be responsible and bring us those things along with a writing utensil to sign with.

Last night, Chandler didn't bring us her things and honestly, we didn't even notice.  We put the kids to bed and went about our evening.  Around 10pm, Chris went up to bed.  On the floor in the doorway of our bedroom, Chris stepped on this letter, written to us by Chandler...

Dear Mom or Dad
I did not get my agenda signed which means I don't do homework ronply (monopoly) and that also means I can't go into the prize box and I never got to go because I never got my ticket pulled.  And I never got a chance.
WANTED!  (and then there was an elaborate picture with check boxes of a signed agenda and reading log)
PRIZE (for us)
Hug Day and a Day With NO Quishons (questions)


I told Chris that I thought this tactic was genius and that we should be willing to sign her agenda in the morning (which is typically too late in our house) and that we should begin cashing in our prizes immediately.


Emily said...

So, did you really sign it? I think it was genius too!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! A+ for creativity.