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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Hibernation Meal

Chris is home.  Thank God.  I don't really know what we would do without him if he were gone for longer than 2 days.  Just sayin. 

I spent the day at my school's fall festival.  While I was gone, Chris did the grocery shopping, picked up the children from my mother (they had a sleepover last night), finished up the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and had a discussion about kindness with the girls.

Since the conversation, they have been as sweet as pie and polite, to boot.  They even made each other's lunches for tomorrow.  I am quite sure that it won't last (I am a realist, after all) but we are enjoying it while it does.

Chris made a pot roast for dinner tonight with all the fixins.  I think pot roast onions are one of my favorite foods ever.  Pot roast is my hibernation meal.  I think I may be going to bed at 8pm this evening so that I can at least have a mini hibernation before going to work tomorrow.

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