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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today I Share One of My Most Favorite Rooms in the World

I made this picture extra large because I heart this room in an extra large way (and if you click on it, you can zoom in and see all of its fabulousness up close and personal).  Ignore the concrete floor, though...I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

This is my Molly's front room and I love it.  Molly bought her house some time ago and has been (slowly but surely) renovating it to her heart's desire.  For months and months, this room was just a vision in her head.  In reality it was filled with boxes and such and she would apologize for the state of the room when you entered her house.  When she first moved in, she pulled up all of the carpet and painted everything white.  I mean WHITE...everything!  And I was a little worried that her house would look sterile, like a doctor's office.  My house would look like a disaster if I painted everything white...ugh...just thinking about the grimy little fingerprints...ugh.  So there's that and I think I would go insane.  I am a color (seriously bright, bold color) kind of girl.  This is why Molly and I are a perfect fit.

The concrete floor is just a work in progress.  She has lovely wood floors picked out and purchased, just waiting for the perfect floor installation day.  Now, go back to ignoring the concrete.  Imagine a kind of honey-ish colored wood.

Molly and her mother have antique booths in the Atlanta area.  I say this like they're fruit stands on the side of the road.  They're not, so don't start looking for them.  They have one in Lilburn and one in the Highlands area in downtown.  What this means is that they scour estate sales and yard sales and frequent Goodwill, on the hunt for the most perfect treasures.  This also means that OMG Molly has some wonderful and eclectic pieces in her house that make me green with envy.   

But back to this room.  I love...
1.  the vintage black leather couch
2.  the oh so dreamy vintage chairs
3.  the book case with the glass doors
4.  the enormous (ENORMOUS) painting
5.  the vintage owl (very, very, large owl) greets you when you walk in the front door and I love that.
6.  the swanky white rug
7.  the phrenology head that is in the book case with the glass doors (How can you not love a phrenology head?  Chris is kind of nonplussed by this head and that is shocking to me!  Shocks me, I tell you!  I would want 10 of them.  Like my own personal Hall of Heads.  Only the heads would be porcelain and they wouldn't talk.  I think phrenology is genius...the study of the bumps on your head...awesome. And, of course, a total sham...which makes it even better.

Next time, I am going to randomly take pictures of her spare bedroom.  She has this vintage print above the bed of American Scientists and Inventors.  I swoon.  You will, too.  I am sure of it.


molly said...

OMG, you are so sweet. I will find you your very own Phrenology head and we can start you a collection. They would look great with the globes.

Crystal Farish said...

I love it too!! I'd LOVE to visit her antique booth!!! In fact, I'd just love to come to Georgia to look for treasures period!!!