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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Shaved My Legs For This?

Alternately Titled:
I Was Ready to Get My Zumba On!
The Universe Is Working Against Me!
I Am Trying to Get Better, Damn It!

So, at the dance studio, they offer a Zumba class from 8:15 to 9:15 on Tuesday nights.  This sounded perfect to me because it would be something that I could do after the kids went to bed, and you know, I do like to shake it like a polaroid picture on the dance floor.  In case you didn't know.

At 6pm I began calling around to some friends of mine to see if anyone would be interested in joining me.  These were some of the responses I received:

"I can't go tonight.  I've already started drinking."  (For the record, I then begged this person to come with me.  How could I not?  Drinking and Zumba?  Awesome.  She gave me some other reasons, too, but not as entertaining as her first response.)

"I ate a really big dinner.  Although I can't wait to hear how it goes...maybe next time."  (Then this person's husband whispered, "Angie's going to Zumba????")

"Yes!  Let me check with my husband though."  And then I didn't hear back from her.  I think she might be avoiding me.

"Errrr, um, next week?"  And trust me, I will be calling her next week, too.

To further solidify my Zumba decision, I took a shower.  And shaved my legs.  I didn't want to make a bad first impression.  So I shaved.  I put on my sports bra (I own one!  Yay!)  and my clothes and my know the ones that are practically new from my (very limited) days at the gym.  I filled up a water bottle (not mine, Chris's...I hate water.  I like to pretend that my body is getting enough of it through the diet cokes that I drink throughout the day) and headed to the studio.

I got there early...because that's what I like to do.   I also like to sit in the front row in classes, that's just how I am.  So I got there early and I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I sweated off all of my freshly applied deodorant while I waited and tapped my foot in anxious anticipation.

My friend, Bethany, finished teaching her class and we chatted.  And chatted some more.  (I have missed her.  I loved seeing her every week last year.)  And then found out that Zumba had been canceled for tonight. 

Is the universe working against me?  Yes.  Yes, I believe it is.  I am aware that I am have some, errr, issues these days and I am trying to do things to make myself better.

1.  I called a counselor.  But she was old and French.  So, I canceled my appointment (via email) with said counselor.
2.  I called my insurance company to get authorization to see a different counselor.  They didn't have the new counselor listed as being "in network".
3.  I have called another counselor...3 times...and she hasn't called me back.  I am one step away from stalker calling her, but apparently she doesn't hear the crazy in my voice mails.
4.  So I try to attend a physical fitness class to release some "good endorphins"...whatever those mother and Oprah both rant about them, so there must be something to them.  But the class is canceled.  And there is not another one that I can go to until NEXT Tuesday night.

I then contemplated either
a.  going downstairs to the Asian restaurant and ordering a $25 Hibachi meal.  Oh, yum!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
b.  driving thru McDonald's across the street and ordering a milkshake and fries.

I talked myself off the ledge in both cases.

Sheesh.  I shaved my legs for this?  I was ready to get my Zumba on!  The universe is working against me!  I am trying to get better, damn it!


Abby said...

Mucho kudos to you for talking yourself of the "ledge." I totally would have gone to McDonald's.

And thank you, for making me laugh, and making me look at the gym schedule for tomorrow night.


molly said...

See, you should have just stayed home and started drinking like the first friend you called, which, let me clarify, was not me.
Seriously though, at least your legs are shaved which is more than most of us could say right now. And you know where to find an expensive Hibachi meal- whatever that means.
Maybe the world wasn't ready for your Zumba this week, and maybe there was a reason why everything turned out the way it did.
You are an amazing woman and you are getting better by just showing up for the Zumba class- canceled or not canceled. You put the workout clothes on and that counts for something, damn it!

Bethany said...

Awwww...... I made it in the blog!! I missed you too! Hopefully next week Zumba will be a go.... of course, that severely cuts into our chat time you know....

Pendergrass said...

Seriously.... Give a girl a break! I am not avoiding you.I would love to go to a zumba class with you... I just need a little more notice next time.