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Monday, October 18, 2010

I Like Ponies

We had spaghetti squash with dinner tonight (steak and salad - with homemade vinaigrette).  It is one of my most favorite things to eat.  Chris hates it.  Therefore, I only ask him to make it approx.  once every fall.  The girls like it though, and Quinn likes it, so clearly Chris is out numbered which should be reason enough for us to eat it more often.  We had this conversation at dinner:

Chris:  Maybe we should try chilling it and serving it on top of the salad. 
Me:  I don't like that idea.
Chris:  Well the girls seem to like eating their squash with bites of salad.
Me:  Right.  Think about some other things that they like. (under my breath in a whisper)
Chris:  *pauses* Yeah, maybe that is a bad idea.  They like some gross things. (under his breath in a whisper)
Chandler:  I like ponies.

Chris and I had a fit of laughter after that one.  And now, if you hear us randomly exclaim, "I like ponies!" you'll know that we stole that line from Chan.


Emily said...

I feel a new saying coming on in our household. We still use the term "blowhole" quite frequently.

sharonp said...

You need a fish!