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Monday, October 25, 2010

I am a Slave to Fashion

We have our family fall/Christmas pictures coming up this weekend and I am struggling.  I wanted to do purples and grays this year.  Chris has a great argyle sweater that fits the bill and it would give me a reason to buy this really great cardi/tank combo from Old Navy.  I have several choices for the girls and NOTHING for Q.  Perhaps I should have gone through his options FIRST and then matched the rest of us to him.  But, clearly, I was an idiot about this whole thing.

So I went to Target this weekend on the hunt for something in the purple/gray/black family.  And guess what?  There is nothing purple for a two year old boy.  Big sigh.  So he has a black shirt, which is oh-so-boring. 

BUT, while I was there, I bought a pair of skinny jeans.  Gasp!  I figured, I am thin.  I need them to wear with my boots.  And I love the way they look on girls with their ballet flats.  And I DO have ballet flats in just about every color.  (No, really, I do!)  So, I bought them.  And then I brought them home and actually tried them on.  And this is what I've discovered....
1.  I have given birth to three children.  In doing so, I gained 75 lbs both times and for some reason, I still have some of that stuck to my thighs.  Skinny jeans are unforgiving in the thigh area. 
2.  While, yes, I have given birth to three children, I clearly have no butt.  Or hips.  And therefore, the jeans suction onto my calves and thighs, but make me look like a have a load in my pants because there is so much room in the butt department.  Junk in the trunk?  Not me.  Baby Got Back?  Not this one.  Big sigh.  So, there's that.
3.  The girls that I see...the ones that look so cute in them?  Yeah, they're probably 18, not 32 like me (who's getting closer and closer everyday to 33). 

And while I say all of this, I am still contemplating keeping them.  I am a slave to fashion like that.  I could always just wear them with something that is long enough to cover the butt area.  I may even wear them in the pictures on Saturday.  One never knows.

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