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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee

I love these earrings.  Seriously. I. Love. Them.  And I love that my sweet friend, Crystal B, made them (she took this picture, too, btw).  I also love that my sweet, sweet husband bought them for me and presented them to me as a "Yay for Counseling!" gift.  I mean, really, I'll go everyday if it involves gifts.  Just sayin.  Not that I need to go everyday.  That would make me sound crazy.  Which I am most definitely NOT...right?

I also love this post that Crystal B wrote yesterday.  We have been email friends for almost a year now and we have had this email conversation several times.  Each time, I find myself nodding and whispering, "so true, so true."

So I read that post and then I went to my counseling appointment, where I did a lot of crying...which is was a cleansing cry.  Cleansing crying is a good thing, and we talked about my need for perfection and that I don't need to be so hard on myself, and that if I don't get everything done in a day that I want to it will be ok and that I should celebrate what I do do in a day.  That's a tall order, if you ask me.  Perhaps I will start having celebration posts.  Perhaps.

In other news, Quinn said his first fully complete sentence to me yesterday morning at 5:30am while he sat at the kitchen table with a bowl of animal crackers and a cup of apple juice (no judgments, please).  I took the dog out for his morning walk and when I came back in, Quinn pointed at me and said, "Mama toot dawg out."  Yes.  Yes, I did...take the dog out...not toot the dog out.  That would be frightening.  But, whatever, I'll take it.

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Emily said...

Hooray for Quinn! And hooray for you at your counseling. If I go back to counseling, will Chris buy me a present??