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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How High is a Normal Stress Level?

I'm just curious.  How high is a normal stress level?  I think I sprouted 8 new gray hairs today.  Just sayin.  And that is going to look *super* with my new skinny jeans! 

I'm not a good handler of stress.  I have a tendency to dwell on things and I have a hard time letting things going.  My poor media clerk....she has to listen to me all day long and I am sure that she is sick of it.  Just yesterday I brought up some ridiculous minor infraction that irritated me 3 years ago.  Three years ago!  I mean, really, just let it go.  Things like that put lines on my face.  Which I just realized a couple of weeks ago is now the same face that I used to have to wear lots of stage make up to achieve an "older woman" look when I was in high school.  Awesome.

I have, in fact, found a counselor - and she is neither old nor French - which is a complete bonus.  I went for the first time two weeks ago and she interviewed me to gather background information.  She took copious notes.  I am going to see her for my 2nd appointment tomorrow.  We are setting goals.  I do enjoy setting some goals.  I like to have a list of things that I can cross off.  I believe that "letting things go" will be an item on the list. 

This week is a good week to go, too.  Its book fair week at my school (which is kind of like Super Bowl week for a media specialist) and we have Christmas Pageant rehearsal and then dance and piano, throw in Halloween festivities, family pictures,  and then going into next week, Chris will be gone Monday and Tuesday nights.  So, she will get the privilege of seeing me in all my stressful glory.  Yay!

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Emily said...

Kind of like going to the doctor and hoping you really look sick when you get there. :)