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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Funny? Not So Much.

1.  The Birthday Cards that I bought yesterday?  A bust!  Its true.  After the whole "I filled my buggy with nonsense items and had to park it at the front of the store while I went back to the card aisle, blah, blah, blah...."  Ugh.

So I bought the recordable cards.  Because those are fun when you have kids.  Only it was 8:30, a half an hour after their bedtimes, when I realized that I forgot to have them record something and the cards HAD to go out in the mail today.  So I dragged them out of bed.  They recorded cute, cute messages and then I sent them back to bed and came back downstairs to listen to them one last time and mail them off.  Um, yeah.  They didn't record.  And I couldn't make myself have the children do it again.  Especially because (and I didn't realize this in the store because I felt rushed and I have difficulty buying cards under pressure) the cards were not only recordable but then after the customized message they played some HORRIBLE country song.  Now, to be fair, I like a lot (A LOT) of country music...but definitely not this particular song.  So, there's that.

2.  I told Casey that her dance teacher had really nice things to say about her today and she replied, "I get my dancing from you.  I get my funny from Dad."  And then we had this conversation...
Me:  So you don't think that I'm funny?
Casey:   Wellllllll...Dad was a clown.
Me:  So you don't think I'm funny?
Casey:  Ummmmm, welllllllllll, sometimes you are.  And sometimes, well, just not so much.

My kid said I was not way of the phrase, "not so much."  What is this????  Ridiculousness, is what it is.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Not funny.  I scoff at "not funny."

And for the record, I really am not a good dancer.  I am a confident dancer and there is, most definitely, a big (BIG) difference between the two.

3.  The other morning while Chris was waking Quinn up for school, he responded with, "No Dayeah, stop wakey me up."  So I think I'm going to use this now too.  Stop wakey me up.  That's funny, right?  I called the people at TBS and they said it was funny, but my 9 year old said, "not so much."  Scoff.


Emily said...

Well I think it's funny. And we'll probably use that in our house now. "No wakey me up!" We use blowhole quite frequently. And The Diarrhea. There is no such thing as regular diarrhea. There is only The Diarrhea.

molly said...

For the record, I think you're funny. And not just funny haha, but funny HAHAHAHAHA, ohhh, aHaHaHAHA. Lots of funny.

Angie said...

This makes me feel better, Ladies. :)

Unknown said...

You are very funny. And not a good dancer. :)