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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When the girls have their laptops on, it shows up on ours.  Which is how I knew when Chan was on the computer at 11pm the week before last.  We can also check our instant streaming log on netflix and see what they're watching.  Its kind of fun.  I like being a spy.

Today, the girls spent timing swimming with Chris's mom and then she took them to the movies and they all came back here to eat with us.  It was a pretty big day.  And they had that glazed over look.  We have a pretty big day planned for tomorrow too, so we sent them to bed at 8pm.

At 8:30, Chris saw that Casey was on her computer.


He was giddy on his way up the stairs to catch her in the act.

Only when he opened their bedroom door...

Casey was playing math games on the computer.
Chandler was reading her bible.

That kind of ruined it for him.


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Ahahaha! That is so awesome!