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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy! Living Room and Front Room (almost) done!

Yesterday was  Except for the part when I thought I wasn't going to come home with a vintage typewriter and had a few minutes of pouty face...but Eagle Eye Christopher found another one for me...and it was cheaper!!  Which was really even better!

We headed up to a big, mall?  mart?  market?  Anyway, its this place just past 400, called Lakewood at 400.  If you even went to the Lakewood Fairgrounds Antique Mart (in Atlanta) before it closed, this one is run by the same people - Ed and Barbara Spivia (some of the nicest people ever).  A ton of dealers, a million things to look at and funnel cakes.  What more could you want in a child free afternoon???  :)

It is only open one weekend a month and some of the booths are permanent and are there every month, and some of them rent space a month at a time.  So it really is a nice mix.  And let me tell you, if you like Shabby Chic, French Romantic decor...this is absolutely the place for you!

from left to right...booths, booths and more booths...Soul Sisters of Georgia booth (such cute things!) (I totally love this bracelet of theirs), lunch! Italian sausage with peppers and onions, corndog, fries and funnel cake!, my super happy to be there husband, and breakfast this morning - a date at the Waffle House.

If I was a good wife, I should have taken pictures of the surf and turf dinner that Chris grilled (in the storm) for us for dinner - salmon, steak, and a plate of sliced avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers.  A perfect no kids meal! 

We bought a TV stand and a cute little table for in between the chairs in the living room.  We're just about done in there.  I want a few more things for the other side of the room's walls (like a poster from ORK) and some curtains.  Except curtains are REALLY expensive.  So, I have to save some pennies for those.

But this is where we are...

tv wall - photographs of Athens by Molly, R.E.M show poster (by Heads of State), Blue Sky by James Dean, and a few prints (UGA Campus, Georgia Theatre with R.E.M. marquee) by Jamie Calkin

Let me tell you what I am done with though...

The built ins.  Done.

New work in progress..the wall of plates behind the couch.  I've had these state plates for about 4 years now, but when we moved, Chris put them in the cabinet above the fridge and I kinda forgot about them.  When we cleaned out before the yard sale, there they were!  I meant to hang them not in a pattern (which is hard for me to not line things up), but I think they just look cockeyed and I'm gonna have to go back and fix them.  My new look out is going to be to find more to add to the wall.  I already have my eye on an Amish Country plate at one of the antique stores in Braselton.

I bought the empty frame yesterday for $5.  I knew that I wanted to hang up Molly's cast-off polaroid transfers that she gave me a billion years ago and thought this would be perfect.  But again, trying to break out of lining things up and I think I'm going to have to redo it.  Don't tell Chris though.  I have a tendancy of making a shooting range out of our walls with the number of times I move nails.  Ugh.  I also bought that typewriter and brownie camera yesterday.  Woohoo!


sharonp said...

I can't believe you bought a vintage typewriter. We could've given you a very cool one. That reminds me that Frankie has it right now but you could've had it.

Angie said...

Oh, no, I'll take yours too. I'm always in the mood for a vintage typewriter! :)

Emily said...

Does that mean I get the victrola? :)

Chris Pendley said...

Are we calling dibs here or something?

Emily said...

Well, if she's just going to hand over that typewriter to you, I think I should get something too! :)

sharonp said...

I'm still alive...just barely but I'm still alive so don't be calling dibs.

rnrgirlsweekend said...

So fun!!! I love what you are doing!

crystal b