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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I framed this picture of my grandparents tonight.  I'm in love with it.  Like, I can't stop looking at it, in love with it.  Its one of the pictures that my Gram let me borrow when I stayed with her in January.  I came home, scanned it, and have had it sitting on my computer until today...when I finally ordered it and then went and picked up a new frame for it.  The quality of the picture that I printed isn't all that great, but I'll save the reprint project for another day.
I'm going to say it again...I love this picture.  I love how cute my Gram is, sitting on Papa's lap, and he's holding her hands.  I love her hair in a cute "at the lake" ponytail and I love his cap.  I love his baggy pants and white t-shirt on his too thin frame and her short shorts.  

My Gram will be the first to tell you that they did not have the perfect relationship all the time, but she will also tell you that even when times were rough (and believe you me, there were rough times) they always realized (sometimes just in the nick of time) that they were better together than they were separately.  

I hope that Chris and I always feel that way about each other.  And I hope that one day our grandchildren find pictures of us in our youth and think that we were so cute and perfect and in love.

Big sigh.  I love this picture.


caz said...

That photo is gorgeous!
I love it too.. :)

Angie said...

Caz! Your note with your purchases cracked me up! Everything shipped yesterday - I hope it gets to you quickly!