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Friday, June 17, 2011

I woke up this morning with a penis in my ear.

No joke.  Quinn's penis was in my ear and his legs were across the back of my neck and head.  I know this because he began kicking me unmercifully as my wake up call.  And he was naked.  Which means if his legs were across my head and neck, then his penis was in my ear.

To which I muttered sleepily to Chris, "Why?  Why is he naked???"  (Note, I don't even bother to ask why he was in our bed - that's a given these days - or why he was sleeping perpendicular across my head - doesn't really phase me anymore.)   Apparently he had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and tinkled a bit in his underwear, so he just climbed back in bed with us naked.

He better not get used to this sleeping naked bit.  Just sayin.

But, penis in my ear or not, this is going to be a GREAT day!

Chris and I fist bumped and blew it up as our "Good Morning" to each other.  And even though I slept past 8am, I did not feel as though I was already behind the 8 ball.  Which is usually the first thing that I say when I sleep past 8am anymore.

"Oh, that's just great.  *insert big sigh*  I'm already behind the 8 ball."

And then Chris rolls his eyes and knows that I am going to be a biotch for most of the morning.

But not today.  Oh, no, sir, not today.

Today, all my children are leaving for Camp Doe Doe (that's what they call my mother-in-law...Doe Doe).  All three of them are having a fun filled weekend at her house (with Pop Pop, too)...painting and gardening and playing water games and eating hobo dinners and making smores in the fire pit and sleeping in tents in the basement.

Can I get a WOOHOOOOOO!???!!!!!

Wave your hands in the air, shake your derriere!

Today, Chris and I are going to the big antique mart at Lakewood at 400.

Whoop, there it is!

All day, with NO CHILDREN!!!

I'm just a tad bit excited!

Thank you, Sharon and Ross, for making all my dreams come true!!!  :)


Alyss said...

OMG Hilarious! Have a fun day with your hubs!

Emily said...

Right there with you! While we weren't able to unload all of our children (Janie is too young), we will be significantly lower on children. Woo hoo!

Michele said...

I'm dying! You are hilarious. How could I not stop and read this post when I saw the title. My 4-yr-old has ended up in bed with us the last two night and I have no idea he's there until the morning. He does still have his pajamas on thought ;) My husband and I fist bump and blow it up, too. Funny that you guys do that. Enjoy your day sans children!