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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I moved around some things on the built-ins in the front room today...including my old scrapbooks.  And so I snapped some pictures to share with you a few of the scrapbook pages that I made.  I used to be kind of crazy about it.  Like went to scrapbook nights and the such (and oh how I miss those girls - we had lots of fun together - eating and crafting and shopping).  And then I had Q and scrapbooking became a time consuming/expensive hobby.  And I found that I don't really like making boy pages after so many years of perfecting my girl pages.  But I shouldn't tell people that because it makes it sound like I didn't like scrapbooking my son.  Which is completely not true.  I just like girl paper better than the boy paper and I really love making paper flowers.  Which looks kind of sissy on boy pages.  Not that I am all into boy things vs. girl things.  Because I'm not.  God knows, I applied lipstick and lip gloss on my boy last night because he wanted it on. 

But I digress.  Here are some of my pages.  But I didn't take them out of the protectors, so there is a lovely glare/shadow on them.

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