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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


1.  My shop makes me a bundle of nerves.  I think anyone will tell you that when they post something new to their etsy shop they expect that it is going to "fly off the shelves",so to speak, and then its kind of a let down when it doesn't happen that way (which it rarely does).  Clearly, I need to work on that.

2.  I run analytics on my shop, but sometimes, I just have no idea what it is telling me.  Like sometimes it'll show that I have, let's say, 75 referrals from a website, but when I go back to check that particular site, there is nothing about my shop there.  What's up with that?  Anybody know?

3.  I think one of my favorite parts about my shop is packaging items up to send them out.  I love picking ribbons and wrapping them up - like a gift from me to the customer.  I want everyone to feel special when they get something of mine in the mail...even if they bought it themselves.  Really, especially if they bought it themselves.  Its also why I address everything makes me feel more connected.

4.  I also really LOVE going to the post office.  The mail is kind of a happy place for me.  I think because I moved away from my Chicago family when I was young, everything was always mailed to me - birthday cards, letters from cousins...  Its a rule in my house that I am the one that gets the mail everyday, just on the off chance that there might be something in there other than bills and junk.  I would love to be a mail carrier.  And so, I love going to the post office.  I heart the postal ladies in my town.  I know that it would probably be easier to just do everything from home, but it is so much more personal to do it myself...and I have built such nice friendships with the ladies that work the window.

5.  When someone follows my blog and then unfollows my blog, it kills me.  I'm sensitive like that.  Which is ridiculous because I know that some people just click the follow button to get an extra entry in a giveaway and then unfollow when the giveaway is over.  But I always think, if I had just been a little funnier...OR did I say something offense? ...OR why don't they like me anymore?

6.  And don't get me started on the days when I don't make a sale.  Complex inducing.  Which is funny, because I used to only make maybe 5 sales a month.

7.  I am afraid of getting a negative comment on my blog.  I think that goes back to my sensitive issues.  But its true.  Sometimes I'll read other blogs where people begin duking it out in the comments and it makes me sweat.  And I can't read any more.

8.  I would love for people to guest post for me, but am also terrified to ask people.  Except my husband.  I ask him all the time...he just tells me no.  And the girls.  I'm not terrified to ask them, I'm terrified of what they would write.  They would happily guest post for me.

9.  I'm starting a new job in the fall.  Well, pending board approval, I'll be starting a new job in the fall.  It kinda terrifies me.  I think that I am not so good with change.  Which is also funny because I am changing the colors in 90% of the rooms in my house.  And so far its not going well.  I'm 2 for 2 in that I don't like the colors.

10.  If you've been so kind as to read to the end of this post and would like something out of my shop...use this code at check out BLOG25 for 25% off your entire purchase.  {good thru june 26}

And ps - If you have any answers to any questions that I asked, leave a comment.  Or email me.  :)


Land family said...

Well.... I do think to some extent you are going to have to toughen up a little. And I mean that kindly. I love your blog and I love my ear rings that I got from you. :) Some people are just mean, and you have to know that. I would think that this time of year in particular, people are on vacation and busy with summer stuff. It's probably not a lot more than that. You aren't going to always know what will be a huge seller, heck I don't even have a suggestion for that one. Stay true to who you are and what you love.....??? I think you are doing fabulous!

Emily said...

I guess being famous on the Pioneer Woman has spoiled you. :) I remember the old days when you had one sale a month!

Monica H. said...

Since you asked ... :)

3. I love your packaging and hand-addressed envelopes. I think it’s a very nice personal touch!

4. Please send your postal workers to Sandy Springs. The ladies at the post office by my office are not helpful. Or friendly.

5. I enjoy reading your blog. Not quite sure how to follow it, other than putting a link on my blog.

9. Good Luck with the (potential) new job!

10. Thanks for the discount … time to go shop :)

Land family said... love going to the post office???? I buy things for friends and family and they sit around for weeks (or more) because I *HATE* going to the post office!!!

caz said...

I have been meaning to get something from your shop for ages...
Reading this post about the care you put into your packages totally made me go and buy things.. Thanks also for the discount.. it means a lot!!
I used to make loads of my own jewellery and people often suggested that I sell it, but I found it hard to part with things I put my hard work into.. and I found the whole idea of pricing things far too overwhelming.. so good on you for doing it! And being featured and loved by P-Dub!!

Don't get down on yourself, I love your blog.. I of the 18 followers (yes I check everyday, no the number doesn't go up nearly as much as I'd like..) but alas.. my blog represents ME and if people don't like me... I'd rather they NOT follow my blog.. does that make sense?? - and I know it's just a number and I have loads of friends IRL who I know read my blog, but just don't "follow".. but I think it's just human nature that we want to know we have people's "approval"..

I like to think sometimes, that if even ONE person reads my blog, or I've at least made ONE person's day or made them smile.. then it's worth it.. because in the end we are all just one person are we not?

I have no idea where I am really going with this comment, so I'm going to stop rambling now!

I can't wait for my stuff to arrive from your shop!!


ps. I like going to the post office too.. (apart from the lines.. ugh!)

Angie said...

Thank you, ladies, for all the comments. :) I am so thankful to have friends and family and customers like you. :)

ps - I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love my post office - never a line - and the nicest people EVER!