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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Workspace. Studio. Craftroom. Whatever. Done.

Ok.  So I think I am done messing with this room for awhile.  For a long while.  Chris painted it for me last week...the gray was already there, with an orange on top, but the orange clashed (horribly) with my new chair...soooooo, being the FANtastic! husband that he is, he repainted for me.   So, here it is in all its glory.

This is where the magic happens.  I have always wanted to say that about my craft room.  You know, like how the rappers and sports guys used to say on tours of their bedrooms for MTV Cribs?  Is that show even still on?  I have no idea.  But really, this is where the magic happens.  :)
Probably the best thing I ever did in this room was buy the hardware storage containers from Lowe's.  Best.  Ever.  They work perfectly.  

Above my work table (from ikea, in case you were wondering) I hung a few embroidery hoops with some fabric that I liked in them (cost maybe $12 for all 3 of them) and the silhouette cutouts of the girls from our trip to Disney a few years ago.  Because they make me happy.

Station for all of my mailing/packaging.  I usually order everything in bulk.  I keep my ribbon pre-cut in mason jars on top.  I kind of have a ribbon addiction.  I love ribbon.

This is the other side of the room...behind my work area.  I use the bench that we used to have at our kitchen table to keep all of my rubbermaid drawers on.  I like it and think it looks somewhat better than just having a bunch of drawers lying around.  (The cream chairs and the bench are all from ikea.  I made the striped pillows.  The round table is just a plain old decorator's table.  The skirt clashed with the green, so I just took it off and I think I like it better without the skirt.)

A wall of inspiration.  I love my collection of old black and white (and some 60's color) pictures from both my mom and my dad's family.  Love them.  I do keep catching myself turning around in my chair to just look at the wall.  They used to all be in our upstairs hallway and I am really glad that I moved them down here.

Just in case you needed to see a gigantic size picture of how everything works together...


Sarah B. said...

What a LOVELY, organized workspace!! I'm officially jealous ;)

natalia said...

okay. i am officially lusting over your workspace. & library. i dream of such things.

absolutely amazing.

Zakary said...

I need a crafting skill so I can have a room just like this.

Carrie said...

Wow! What a gorgeous space! I am inspired!