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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent Conversations

Chris made scrambled eggs and biscuits for breakfast.  I requested pancakes (he's not a short order cook!).  And then the girls scoffed about their biscuits.

Chris:  You're mother has a reason to not prefer pancakes.  She's a Yankee.  You're not.  You are Southerners.  You should like biscuits more than pancakes.
Chandler:  Yeah, what is a Yankee anyway?
Casey:  *rolls eyes* A baseball player.  *tsk.*


I watched the girls take their first dives of the summer into my mother's pool on Monday.  As Chan came up out of the water it was clear that she needed some *ahem* assistance.

Me:  Chan, you need help tying your bathing suit top back on?
Chan:  And this one (pointing at Casey) just played a practical prank on me!
Me:  Practical prank?
Chan:  Yes.  She was in charge of tying my bikini top on and she only tied one knot.  Not two.  So I cannonballed in the pool and then BOOM! my top came off!
Me:  Boom!  Your top came off?  Just like that, huh?
Chan:  Yes.  And when I was under water all I could think about was, "Boy, this is sure gonna look crazy when I get out of the pool."


Crystal Farish said...

So cute. I love the funny things kids say. Glad you are enjoying summer. :) I need biscuits. Yum!

the Momma Bird said...

ha ha love it! and your blog is adorable. love the mix of 'typical blog stuff' with your every day life. i'm your newest follower from lee la la :)

molly said...

Too funny. "duh, a baseball player"- love that.