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Monday, June 13, 2011

I ran today.

And surprisingly enough, there wasn't anyone chasing me. 

And when I say "ran",  I'm kinda using that word loosely.  Like, whenever I came to a downward hill, that's when I ran.  Mainly because it was more work to try and keep myself from not running.  So on the downhills, I ran, flailing my arms about and praying that I didn't fall, because at times, my feet were a little out of control.  That made me feel like a little kid, which was a happy feeling.  The heavy breathing, though, did a good job of reminding me that I am not.  Heavy breathing = not so happy a feeling.

It was on one of those downhills that I ran into a swarm of gnats (swarm?) and I swallowed 3/4 of the gnat population of Jefferson, Ga.  Jeffersonianites, out there, you are quite welcome.  I saw them and I couldn't stop myself.  It happened in slow motion.  And then I realized that my mouth was hanging open.  I spent the next 1/4 mile spitting and picking my teeth.  I waved and smiled to the other "runners" out this morning in the neighborhood.

While I was running, I wrote and rewrote this post in my head about a billion times.  I became a little obsessive about it and decided that the best way to make this "morning run" work for me would be to carry my voice recorder with me so that I could get all my thoughts down.  But then I would have to listen to the heavy breathing again.  Um, no thanks.

I do know this...I definitely have to get together a perfect mix...this is what I encountered this morning...
1.  Ray Lamontagne...I wanted to sit on the curb and sway.  Not very motivating.
2.  Michael Jackson's Beat it...It was to not just stop and dance.  And not just a little dancing, but like full on old skool MJ moves.  And perhaps some boxer training moves.  I've never boxed, but I do like their moves.

Mostly I just think I hate running.  I'm hoping to have a change of heart by tomorrow morning.  Our neighborhood is 1.7 miles and to begin with, I was convinced that I was going to run it twice, because once would be for sissies.  Let me just tell you, by the end of my first lap, I wanted to lay down in the morning dew of my front lawn. 

My ankles hurt (not in a shin splitty way...its the bend, in the front).  My butt hurts (I don't think that needs any further description). 

On the plus side, when I got home, I drank 3 large glasses of water.  I  don't know when the last time was that I drank that much water. 

The other plus side is that I am hopeful that when Q tries to escape the house again in a few weeks, I might actually be able to outrun him. 

5 comments: said...

Good for you girl!!! That's better than I can do! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that wants to lay on the sidewalk after a run :)
Star Hughes Living

Alyss said...

Hilarious! I was busting up about the gnats, and the butt, and the music choices... and just about everything else. I loathe running to its core. Ugggg...

Kristen @ Hope Abound said...

So funny! You sound like me when I first started. It's so not fun. I totally tried convincing myself that the itching that occured midway was a sign that I was having an allergic reaction.

Keep it up! Eventually you'll win the whole mind over matter running game and get around that block as many times as you want.

Anonymous said...

I adore Ray Lamontagne. If you like him then you should look for Marc Broussard. His voice is amazing. :)

Jennifer P said...

Nope, running is not fun. But I love the challenge (and have a bike for the days I don't want to lace up)