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Friday, June 3, 2011

What happened to yesterday?

I honestly don't have a reason for not posting yesterday.  I don't know what happened.  I really don't.  I mean, I know what happened in my life...I just don't know why I didn't stop and think to post.  Foolishness, I tell you.

But, the past 48 hours have been somewhat outstanding.

1.  Drew and CB and Loralai randomly stopped by.  Mainly because they were out for a walk and my heathen children were playing with some new sprinkler contraption that Chris brought home.  My new chairs got a stamp of approval from CB.  You should also check out Loralai's latest photo shoot - I made a necklace for her to match one that her mama has of mine.  Soooooo cute, that girl!

2.  It was the first Wednesday of the month, so Molly and Juli and I met up for dinner.  No lie, I haven't spoken to them since the first Wednesday of May, so seeing them was really wonderful.  We ate at On the Border.  Have you had their fried avocados?  Its no secret that I looooooovvvvveeeee avocados, and these, oh-so-yummy!  While at dinner, Jules said, "I'm going to get my haircut tomorrow with your girl."  And I made a pouty face and replied, "I desperately need a hair cut."  And then Jules informed me that LoLo the hair ninja had both a 12 and 1 open...she took the 12, I should take the 1 and then we can have lunch.

3.  So that's just what I did.  I got a haircut yesterday - haven't had one since December - and then Juli and I went to Transmet for lunch.  I love my hair ninja.  I will post a picture soon.  It is certainly not a very dramatic cut, but I super love how it is just perfect.  I also love downtown Athens in the summertime. 

4.  Chris and I laid down with Quinn for over an hour last night before he fell asleep.  While this is fine for summer, I dread what this is going to be like during the school year.

5.  Chris and I watched Black Swan last night.  Um, hello???  Creepy weird.  And scary.  I think I spent a quarter of the movie with my eyes pinched closed and my hands over my ears.  But then again, I am a wuss, so you might not want to take my opinion too seriously.

5.  There are some new things up in the shop this week!  And more on the way!  Yay!

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flynn said...

Black Swan did that to me, and I felt slightly pedestrian and wussy, too ('til I saw this that is!)

In response to your later post, I stalk your blog and enjoy your stories. It's nice to know that you can have three kids and a sense of humor.

Angie said...

Oh, Flynn...I don't know how I have been living without Sassy Gay Friend! How hysterical was that??!!!

My father once said to my brothers and I (when questioned why everything in his life was a joke) that he only had three jokes in his life - and then he pointed at us - you, you and you. And now that I have three kids...I understand. :)