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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cake Demolition and a story about bacon

Apparently our wedding cake was a big hit. And trust me, there was plenty for everyone. I think people had 2nds and perhaps even 3rds. It was a good cake. And cost effective...which was extremely important since Chris and I were paying for this shindig ourselves! God bless the good people at the Publix bakery.

So last night we had breakfast for dinner. It is one of our favorites - eggs, potatoes, biscuits and bacon. Yum! These comments were made...

Me: My biscuits are burnin'! (Because I say this every time I eat biscuits at home. Thank you Yosemite Sam!)
Chan: So your toes are hot?

Um, no. Thanks for playing, though.

Casey: (with 3 slices of bacon left on her plate) May I be excused?
Chris: What? You're not going to eat that bacon?
Casey: You know I don't like to eat the pig...the cute, cute little pig.
Chan: Good! More for ME! I looooooovvvvvveeeeee to eat the pig! Pig is my favorite!
Chris: Perhaps we shouldn't tell Casey that we're eating pork chops tomorrow night.

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