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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Love of Mine

I love this. No. Really. Like, I seriously love this. Its a print entitled Winter Rains made by Kecky, inexpensive, beautiful and I really feel that I must have one for my house. So, before making a final decision about something that is going to hang on a wall in our home, I did the considerate thing and decided to run it by Chris.

Me: You have to look at this. I love it and I want one.
*pull up listing, Chris sits next to me on the couch*
Me: So, what do you think?
Chris: *without skipping a beat, monotone voice* It looks like a girl I used to date.

Really? You have to throw that in there? At this point, there is some scwabbling. Bottom line, I think it will be my gift to him for our anniversary.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up.

Emily said...

lol. It really does look like a girl he used to date. But I think it would be perfect as an anniversary gift.

molly said...

I sort of thought it looked like you. Especially if you were wearing your new Anthro hat. "Just sayin'"