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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chandler has a lot to learn

So this evening while Quinn and I were playing puzzles together downstairs (and while Chris was at a softball meeting) there was some thumping noise coming from the girls' room. Quinn and I went to investigate. I opened the door to their room. And there were the girls...attempting to do some headstand flip into a roll across their bedroom floor.

Me: Chandler. I think you need to stop doing that. Because if you crash into the doll cradle that my grandfather made for me or your American Girl doll beds you will break them. And if you break them...
Casey: We know, we know...You'll break us.
Me: Yes. I'll break you.
Chandler: And then I'll call your mom and she will not be happy with you.
Me: Really? You'll call my mom?
Chandler: Casey, I'll miss you.
Casey: Chan, I'll miss you too.

Keep in mind, I say things like this all the time...If you draw on that table, I'll draw on you...If you rip that shirt, I'll rip get the point. Have I ever followed through on this threat? No, absolutely not. And at this point, it is a family joke. But, this is the first time that Chan has threatened back with calling my mother. Little does Chan know...I've been teaching her the wrong number.

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