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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sickness '10

We knew something was wrong with Q when Chris picked him up from daycare yesterday and he was sound asleep. When they got home, Q was freely passing out kisses...also unheard of. The only people that he is willingly affectionate with are DoeDoe and Meme. He knows that his affection for them will come back to him in spades someday. He is unsure what affection towards us will get him.

He woke up around 9:45 last night with a low grade fever. Even though we gave him tylenol, it continued to climb through the night. He slept in our bed. Quinn in our bed = no sleep for anyone. I had a parent breakfast that I was in charge of this morning. And we have book fair this week. Chris was leading a county work session this afternoon. So we split the day.

Chris took him to the doctor this morning. Following ear inspection, throat swabbing and finger pricking, it was determined that he has a virus and we are supposed to be on the look out for mouth sores. Ok. Sure. And then what do we do????

I came home to spend the afternoon with him. We took a four hour nap together. He consistently head butted my face. It was awesome.

Girl Update: Chandler bought some ridiculous p.o.s. at the book fair at their school. It is a voice recorder that looks like an ipod touch. Chandler was doing her homework this afternoon and Casey wanted to play with it. Chan told her no. Casey did it anyway. Chan attacked Casey and Casey bit Chan's boob. She even broke the skin. In the bath tonight Casey told her that the wound makes it look like a third boob. Awesome.


Emily said...

I think if he gets the mouth sores, you basically know he's going to be miserable for five more days or so. AWESOME! I love having sick kids. And you always knew your girls were advanced - I mean, three boobs is quite accelerated. Just don't let that get out to the boys. :)

molly said...

what kind of virus does Q have that will be giving him mouth sores? this sounds so uncomfortable. poor little guy.