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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Our" Wedding

I had to include this picture because it makes me laugh. The girls took their role as flower girls very seriously and as we were making the procession into the chapel, they were directing traffic. I think that they were showing off that they understood who was supposed to be doing what, when.


Casey - please note that she is showing off her "manicure"

The girls dancing with my parents.

The girls dancing with each other.

Throughout the whole wedding planning process the girls continuously referred to it as "our" wedding. Because, really, it was their wedding too. And still to this day that is how they refer to it.


Emily said...

Gosh the girls were so little! They've grown up so much. Sniff, sniff.

We Blog Artists said...

Just read your list over at FAVE THINGS...AWESOME LIST!...I just browsed through your wedding pics...So adorable...I love that you told everyone if they wanted to speak to you it would have to be on the dance Floor...
Have a GREAT weekend...lovely stumbling upon your World.