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Sunday, March 21, 2010


my three babies - Casey, Quinn and Chandler

This is what happens when you tell Q to say "cheese"

I am currently trapped! Q decided at 11:30 that he should take a nap on the couch. So I am stuck...on the couch...paranoid to leave the room or to make too much noise. But it sucks because I can't leave the room or make too much noise. I know that this will be the only nap of the day. Chris took the girls to church this morning - then they have a play date and then children's choir. Chris has softball practice and is staying in Athens for the afternoon, so I am not really sure what I am going to do with Q when he decides to wake up. I stayed home with him today because his viral fever now has a rash (on his neck, back and chin) to go along with it. No mouth sores though, so we should feel lucky with that. Last night we hung out with the Wylie's and had a delightful time on their deck. And for the first time EVER, Chris was more social than I was. He actually mingled. Have I mentioned that the Wylies make their own brew? That may have had something to do with Chris's social-ness. Just sayin.

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Emily said...

Chris mingled? Are you sure? I mean, maybe he was just yawning and you thought he was talking. :) Wow.