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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh What A Night...

...late December, back in 63. It was an "oh what a night" night. But not all of it was in a good way.

I walked over to sweet Abby's house (traveler in hand) to watch the Bachelor. Thank God she has DVR because we were all about some talking and until a little after 10 when I convinced her that we should just skip to the end find out the "winner." I did not agree with said winner. But, whatever. We had a lovely time and I hope to do it again soon!

Then I came home. Chris and I remade the bed for the 2nd night in a row. Q has unbelievably managed to pee on our bed 2 nights in a row before/after bath time. And I crashed. And then I paid for a comment I made earlier in the evening to Abby. It was something along the lines of this...Quinn is usually a good sleeper, but apparently he's had some rough nights lately. I don't really hear him though because I sleep like the dead, so Chris gets up with him, and I find out about it in the morning. Really, I deserved some payback for making a comment like that. Stupid me.

At 1am I awoke to Q screaming holy hell at the top of his lungs in his crib. I raced to him. I picked him up, changed his pants, rocked him in the glider and he drifted back to sleep. I eased him into the crib and he began screaming again. Loud, shrill screams. So I picked him up, stood and rocked him and lowered him into the crib. The loudest screams yet. So, I picked him up again and carried him into the spare bed with me.

I don't know if I've said this before or not, but Q does not like to snuggle. He also doesn't like to feel you anywhere in his range of motion when he is sleeping. Your leg cannot be near his foot. Your head cannot be in reach of his outstretched hand. You may not rub his back or his hair and he needs plenty of room to flop around and he is like a dog that runs in its sleep.

So from about 1:30 to 4am I "slept" with Q. It is not actual sleep because every time he flops, my eyes shoot open. This happened every 3 minutes. At 4am I had enough. I carried my son, while he snored, back into his room. As soon as I started to lower him into the crib, the screaming started all over again.

I went back to bed and pulled the covers up over my head. Chris suggested Tylenol or a sippy cup of milk. So I got back up and tried those things. They did not work. So I went back to the spare room with him so that at least the rest of the family could sleep.

And then God smiled on me....I thought I was in Heaven this morning when Chis came into the spare room this morning to get Q to take him to school...and to let me know that my school was closed for a snow day. God bless Mother Nature. I slept, in a very quiet house, until 10am.


Emily said...

I just saw that you're out again tomorrow! You sure did strike gold with the snow days this year!

Abby said...

Here I am! My name is Abby, and I'm a follower. :) Do I comment again on here???????? Enter me! Enter me! :)