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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing Is Tops on My List

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Molly and I. (And believe me, there are lots to choose from.) I believe we were shaking our booties to the ever popular, Baby Got Back. Because nothing screams wedding like two white girls shaking their tail feather to some Sir Mix A Lot.

Which leads to another favorite picture. (And believe me, there are lots of Jimmy and Angie pictures to choose from.) At this point in the evening, we were belting out Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Its ok. We know all the lyrics. I could even sing it for you right now. For quite some time Jimmy loved Poison (back in the day) and even though I never saw them in concert...he did. Lots of times. Our fabulous Uncle Dave once took us to a concert...Trixter, Firehouse and Warrant. Awesome.

Chris and I getting down. It was our first dance. We practiced in the kitchen for many, many nights. I love Frank Sinatra. Its funny...during our engagement I actually talked Chris into taking a dance class with me. Every Friday night for months we had a standing (or rather, dancing) date.

The girls also know that there is more fun to have on the dance floor than standing on the sidelines.

This is me dancing with Michelle...the wedding planner. I repeatedly told people prior to the wedding that if they planned on talking to me there that they would need to be on the dance floor. I was serious. Every time Michelle needed to discuss something with me she had to join me for a spin.

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