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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Tale of the Toothpaste

While Chris and I were heading upstairs this afternoon once we got home from work, we noticed this on the railing. Toothpaste. Smeared on the white railing. Hum. I didn't do that. And Chris said he didn't do it. So we called in the other family members to the scene of the crime. The girls both denied any involved in the toothpaste activity. Quinn shook his head wasn't him. Although they denied it, I am betting my money on the girls. The reason why I am willing to take this bet is because this is what their bathroom looks like....

Exhibit A: wet towels on the floor...piled directly below the towel bar.

Exhibit B: half a tube of toothpaste inside the sink

Exhibit C: a quarter tube of toothpaste smeared on the edge of the counter

And the fact that even Quinn finds this to be disgusting.


molly said...

I think Exhibit B & C say it all.

Emily said...

Well, at least the girls have moved up from smearing poop on the walls! And, did your house smell minty fresh? :)