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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love...

...bobby pins. Have I mentioned that lately? I'm sure I have, but its true. And I felt like I should say it again. I love the delightful little vintage floral cabs on these. I actually made some for myself and some to put in the shop. Big sigh. I love them.

I also love the fact that I blew up at my children this week about the state of their bathroom and then last night the toilet in their bathroom was again not flushed. In addition to that, one of them decided they should use our bathroom...left toilet paper on the floor (used toilet paper at that) and again, forgot to flush. What jerks.

Chris and the girls had today off from school. Gotta love a mid March furlough day. So, Chris's parents were finally able to take the girls for their Birthday trip to Babyland General. They had a blast! Loved it! ...And are already asking when they can go back. Chris enjoyed a quiet day to himself (Q still went to school.) He went to the gym and the bookstore, sat and drank coffee, browsed around and (I'm sure) pretended he was single and without a care in the world.

We're having homemade chicken pot pie tonight for dinner. That makes me happy. And then I am going over to my friend Amber's house to pick out the material for the girls' Easter dresses. And that also makes me happy. I hope the rest of the weekend includes many more things that make me finding that all of the toilets in my house have been flushed.

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Allyson said...

Glad to know it's the simple things that make you happy! :) I LOVE flushed toilets, too!