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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Wedding Picture Post...For Now.

Chris and his mother. I think this might actually be his favorite picture from our wedding.

My family. My mom and step dad, brothers - Randall and Matt. I love this picture for several reasons...1. This is honestly how we look when we are enjoying ourselves. 2. Randall was pinching us in this picture. You can see how tightly he is holding on to Matt's ribs. 3. I love that I am not looking straight on. This makes me feel like it captures us in the moment and not us, posing for a picture.

My dad and I. How handsome he is with that silver hair. I hope to have that silver hair some day.

Chris and I lounging on a park bench on North Campus. This is what you do after saying "I do," right?

Chris and I. Really, this is what that day was all about. Becoming a family.

So this is going to be my last wedding picture least for now. I will say this though, to help me get over the craziness of last week and to start to feel like myself again, this was the perfect remedy. I thoroughly enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane to my happiest day. And let me just say this...Frankie (you know Frankie, my bestie) was our wedding photographer...before she was my bestie. It was actually the beginning of our beautiful friendship - I hired her and then we realized how much we enjoyed each others' company and now, well, I can't imagine my life without her. (And now for the can visit her at Stylized Portraiture in Athens...I can't guarantee that she will become your bestie, but I can guarantee that she will take amazing pictures of your family.)

Moving right along...Yesterday was HUGE, right? I mean really...featured on someone's else's blog AND winning a giveaway? Spectacular. And speaking of spectacular, I paid Lolo the hair ninja at Honey's Salon a visit today and she gave me a spectacular spring cut and color. Good-bye ponytail. I will see you in the fall. My plan is to share pictures of this new do tomorrow. This isn't happening tonight because I had a massive migraine by the time I got home and had to lay down. Which has led to a very flat new do. Not really the look I want to share with you. While I was at the salon, Chris was flying kites with the kids. How great of a Dad is he????

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sharonp said...

I would like to take the credit for hooking you up with Bestie the Photographer for your wedding in case you've forgotten that. :)