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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wishing Away Time

I have been in a funk. I have found myself wishing away time - you know...if I can only get through the rest of this week or if I can just make it till Spring Break or please let summer come faster or I am going on a European vacation the summer that I am 48...if I can just make it till then. And that is really not an okay way to live because then I am wishing for tomorrow instead of enjoying today (no matter what kind of day today is).

So I am trying hard to man up and just deal with the crappy days and not wish them away.

Tonight my mother is coming to babysit (and spend the night) so that Chris and I can attend Frankie's 30th birthday.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ang. I'm sorry about the funkiness, and I wanted to say, in case this makes any improvement in your state of mind (it would mine... so I'm giving it a shot ...), the writing in this post was just BEAUTIFUL. It was perfectly crafted. Have you thought about writing a book? ('cause I'm thinking you need one more project.) :) xxoo

Emily said...

I'm having the same issues right now too.

Jessica said...

this is why there is nothing on my blog at present.