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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Completely Random

Yesterday felt like a Saturday to me.  And I loved that I had to keep reminding myself that it was only Friday.  But today has felt like the end is near...and, well, I don't necessarily love that. 

I have a new love.  It is in the form of a Bissell stream cleaner.  We bought one this week (its an early Christmas gift from my parents) and I spent 3 hours steam cleaning yesterday.  I am in love.  I am thinking about giving up making jewelry as my hobby and just starting a steam cleaning business.  Anyone need me to come over?  Talk about a satisfying three hours!  I felt very accomplished.

We got the tree and the stockings put up today.  So, we're done.  If you know me, or have been a blog reader for a previous Christmas season,  you should know that I hate decorating.  All seasonal decorating - Halloween, Easter, etc. - and especially Christmas.  Hate it.  If I could get away with doing nothing, I totally would.  This does not run in my mom is a decorating fool.  Its true...Santa artwork and the whole nine yards.  I figure that she does enough decorating for both of us.

Quinn hasn't gone to daycare at all this week (which is going to make Monday morning super fun for Chris), so we have pretty much spent every waking moment with him.  I am completely amazed by what he has to say for himself.  6 months ago, we couldn't wait for him to actually talk.  Now, we say at least once a day, "Why did we want him to talk, again?"  Because he doesn't ever stop.  Ever.  These are some of the things he has told us this week...

Casey pushed me.
I looooooove cake!
You scared me!

And he continuously says, " 'mon, ___________" and then fill in someone's name...Dada, Mama, Meme, Pop Pop, Casey, Chandler...and then motions for us to follow him.  If you tell him that you're busy, he just asks someone else.  He is generally not picky about who should come on with him.

Tomorrow we will be busily preparing for the week ahead...which promises to be crazy.  :)

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sharonp said...

If you liked steam cleaning, you would LOVE pressure washing. It rocks.